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Next Level Life

Jan 1, 2019

This week on the podcast is awesome!  I spent time with some high level entrepreneurs and we got into it.  While we were on retreat, I got all these incredible people to do a quick five minute interview with me just for you guys!  I asked each of them the same three questions.

  1. What is your biggest recent breakthrough?
  2. What was the catalyst for this breakthrough?
  3. What happens now?

Their answers are so good and inspiring.  As you listen to their breakthroughs be thinking about your own.  



Mel Robbins:

Lewis Howes:

Christine Hassler:

Craig Ballentyne:


Lindsey Schwartz - Lindsey is a wellness entrepreneur, best-selling author and founder of the Powerhouse Women Event.  She is a midwestern girl at heart.


Instagram: @llindseyschwartz


Brian DeCosta- Brian’s mission is to empower others to live their truths, show others a better version of themselves, and fearlessly pursue that which sets their soul on fire. He is the creator of the Sustainable Transformation Blueprint, a personalized 1-on-1 coaching system to help busy working professionals lose fat, gain muscle, and completely transform their bodies. He is also a founder of the Creative Fitness Academy.


Instagram: @briandecosta


Julee Herrmann - Julee is the Founder of Reclaiming Studios: Expressive Arts Experience, Canvas and Cabernet and other fun stuff.


Instagram: @julee_winterbourne


Rany Al-Bochi Mazie -  Rany is a co-founder at Sunny Culture with other rising star Patrick Whitner.


Instagram: @ranybochi


Clayton Thompson - Clayton is the Chief Video Director at Elevate United.  Clay loves well told stories and above all else admires the ability to find such things in the seemingly mundane.

Website: Elevate United:


Ben Gower - Ben helps online personal trainers make consistent money with love so their impact is effortless and fun.


High Impact Coach


Kat Bruce - Kat is the founder and director of the Event Lab, a full service event planning & partnership marketing sales and management company specializing in full project management for nationwide events.

Website: The Event Lab

Instagram: @the.event.lab


Patrick Whitner - Co-founder of Sunny Culture

Website: Sunny Culture

Instagram: @ranybochi


Jordan Dugger - Jordan coaches  busy men and women to improve their health, look, feel, and perform their best.


Podcast: Flow State of Mind Podcast:

Instagram: @teamduggaesthetics

Instagram: @flowstateofmindpodcast


Erin Dimond - Erin is an online fitness coach who mentors other online fitness coaches.


Instagram: @erindimondfitness , @edftransformations