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Next Level Life

Jan 8, 2019

Here are my big lessons from this last year number 6-10:

6- In order to progress, you have to DELETE things from your life, not add things to your routine and tasks and processes.

7- Hire a coach. For anything you are trying to learn or do more of or do better. If you try to do it alone, you are choosing the slowest, most painful way to learn.

8- When you procrastinate, you're never avoiding the thing you're putting off doing, you are avoiding something else (a thought, an emotion, a circumstance, a meaning you have created...). Figure out what that is and deal with it and the procrastination will no longer be an issue.

9- Ask yourself "what would it look like if I removed the drama from this?" Drama is unnecessary thoughts or emotions brought in to the process.

10- In order to reach a new level of being, you have to deconstruct your old identity and intentionally create a new one. Its slow, its messy, its painful, its uncomfortable, its disorienting, but it is also SO necessary and so valuable.

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