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Next Level Life

Jun 20, 2018

You can create it BEFORE you experience it. Here are the steps to INTENTIONAL visualization of your goals as I have outlined them in this episode. These are the steps I actually use in my business and my life.

Focus on emotions FIRST.

-What will it FEEL like?

-Bring that emotion into the present moment (use the emotional scale ladder technique and prompts we talked about if necessary)

-The emotion is what you are after anyway. Not necessarily the outcome…



-What do you see around you?

-Make a “”movie scene” and watch it

-Where are you?

-What are the surroundings, colors, etc…?

-It starts fuzzy and over time it comes into focus and gets clearer with repetition.



-What do you hear in your scene?

-Background noise? Music?

-Traffic? Conversations?

-Every little thing even down to air conditioner hum

-Make it real



-What smells are in the air?

-Candles or scents?

-New carpet or flooring?

-What is in the air?



-What are you eating, drinking?

-What do you taste?


-What does it feel like to the senses?


-What specific sensations are you experiencing?


This is a PRACTICE. Not a one time thing. You get better at it and clearer with it. The more you do it, the more you focus on it. You are not focusing on the lack of it. Not focusing on the fact you dont have it yet, that isnt useful. You are focusing on bringing the experience into your present moment, creating the emotion you want, and then thinking “what would I BE and DO to achieve this reality?