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Next Level Life

Apr 24, 2018

We resist so much in our lives. Things feel forced or we feel stuck. This episode is about ALLOWING. Allow emotions to be felt and processed, and allow abundance to come into your life. 

Give yourself compassion with where you are on the emotional scale.

Check it out here Emotional Scale by Abraham Hicks.


Ready to...

Apr 17, 2018

Vulnerability can be scary, but it is the ONLY way to achieve alignment and have authentic real relationships. Monica and I talk about how vulnerability and authenticity can be approached in a practical way to remove the scariness and judgment from it.

This is one of my favorite interviews I have ever done....

Apr 3, 2018

Jake and I discuss our experiences with day 3 and 4 of the Unleash the Power Within event and I answer your social media questions about the event and my breakthroughs.

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